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(nonprofitorgname) : "A non-profit project that I put together to assist individuals to prepare for their new career and job search. Some of the services I provide along with other professional volunteers are resume workshop, motivational speeches, mock-interviews, and business outfit rental"
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First Run Information (for volunteers)

The ______*name________________ will hopefully jumpstart a foundation that will help job seeking individuals to make an impact on their job search. This includes resume building, mock interviews and a mentorship program from yours truly and you, my professional and career driven friends. 
A test run will be done this April 19, 2014, I will need speakers, to share their struggles and success stories to serve as inspiration to our attendees. I will also need individuals to assist in proof reading resumes, and act like interviewers during the mock interview. 
The workshop will be from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm with snacks served. You do not have to attend the entire workshop, but please RSVP with the time you can spare.

I want this workshop to be realistic and attainable. It is important for the attendees to feel that we were also in their shoes, and somehow we managed to be successful. 

I would appreciate it very much if you can join me in this philanthropic event.

This is only the beginning. My future plans for this project is in a much bigger scale, a bigger venue, a career fair, success seminars, interview attire rentals and a dependable mentorship program. 

You can help fund the next session if you wish. Link is up there. Please feel free to invite your friends to attend the workshop. Let's keep it AA Degree and below only.


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