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Part Time/ Full Time

Are you answering that section of a really long and boring employment application?

The big question is... What position are you applying for? PT/ FT?

Most of you who are willing to trade your soul for a regular, consistent paying job will say "FULL TIME!" in all caps, but what does being a full time worker really mean? A commitment a young professional should not commit to? or simply a leap towards a responsible adulthood that will give a steady pay, medical and dental insurance, and paid vacations. 

The truth about being a full-time work and all its perks are all in all the ideal job you can get. Now, you have to question yourself, are you a new professional looking for your soon-to-be expertise, experimenting, learning? You might be switching from one green grass to the next year to year, then rethink that full time position again.

Here's what I don't like about full time work: They cut your pay a few dollars as they dangle the benefits package in front of you. You're salivating, ahhhh.... Kaiser HMO (effective in 3 months, you pay the company price around $120 each pay period for a plan more expensive since you are single!)  Paid vacation - accrued since you work like a dog and never get an off day even if you crawl to work with a hangover! Ah! 401K... and they match what you save, this is a good thing but make sure you know you will be taxed if you try to cash the money out. All these perks in exchange to new world slavery. As a full time worker, they know your available time (ITS THE TIME YOU GO TO WORK... DUH!), you have to be available, stare at a memo saying they will not accept vacations all summer... there goes Coachella, and Vegas pool parties. :( and my favorite beg your supervisor to give you a vacation. Come on! You're the one working and you're begging this person who is paid a dollar more on top of you to say no to happiness! I completely disagree, and completely lost my appetite to be a full time slave.

How is part-time beneficial? Well if you are a young buck, who is new in your chosen industry, a part-time per diem option might just be the answer to your big question. No benefits, you're healthy as a horse,,, and hello!!! OBAMA CARE! take advantage of this thing we call almost-free health care. If you are in the searching stage of your career, you're most likely to leave the company you are working for within a year or two, for greener pasteur. YES! You should be looking for bigger and better things early in your career. Don't be stuck at a dead end, where pay never increases, unless it's 3 - 5% for your years or tears. Pay increases overtime, staying in 1 place can keep your pay increase extra slow, while the newly hired personnel are paid 20-50% more. Real life example: I was a newly hired licensed nurse 10 years ago and was getting paid $20. While the rest of the older workers, with the same job title were getting paid $16. The instability of waiting for an increase will leave you broke, with a full time job. 




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